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Master Ron Heimberger visits Massachusetts

Holyoke – Director and President of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council, Master Ron Heimberger, will be visiting Massachusetts for the first time. He will be here to officiate the grand opening of the Massachusetts branch of the Wing Chung Kung Fu Council during the week of September 8 through September 13, 2005.

Master Ron Heimberger is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Ip Ching. He is one of only three masters in the United States fully certified by the Grandmaster himself. As author, instructional program developer, teacher, and researcher Master Heimberger travels nationally conducting seminars for martial artists, military personnel, law enforcement agencies and youth organizations.

He is recognized in national and international circles as an expert in Wing Chun as it is the only martial art he has ever studied and currently presides as a Director of the Ip Ching Wing Chun Athletic Association and President of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council, an organization designed to promote honor and integrity, maintaining the highest quality of instruction throughout the world.

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