Massachusetts Wing Chun Kung Fu Council
Adult’s Classes

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Sifu J. of the Massachusetts Wing Chun Kung Fu Council teaches adults of all ages. You will learn to use techniques that use non-force against force when faced with the threat of adversity. Protect your child, your wife, or your husband by learning to use energy, speed, and power against an attacker through the art of Wing Chun. There will always be someone stronger… so fight smarter!! Wing Chun allows a student to truly understand natural body movement, body mechanics and reaction while being able to adapt to anything that happens in a real street confrontation. Through the training of reflex, sensitivity, practicality, and close quarter contact (Training Chi Sau and Free Style Fighting), the student can walk the streets without a false sense of security which can often be mentally damaging or even fatal.

Sifu J, E. Fernandez teaches traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu forms and techniques along with modern applications. We at the MWCKFC will give you the training you need to save your or another’s life in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS. We provide real fitness and real martial arts, for real-life people. Give yourself a fighting chance.

Adult Class Schedule

Adults Mixed Classes

Thursday 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday 11:00am – 12:00pm